JHINOOK was put into training in creative dance when she was only 3 years old at MAMATA SHANKAR BALLET TROUP by her parents with deep musical interests. After 11 years of practicing creative dance,JHINOOK realised her passion for the classical dance form BHARATNATYAM. It has been a rather pleasant journey for Jhinook,paving her way through the avenues of 'BHAVA', RAGA'. and 'TALA',under the subline shadow of the maestro GURU SMT. THANKAMANI KUTTY. at KALAMANDALAM KOLKATA.

Jhinook Mukherjee

Achievements in INDIA

  • Performed in Mahalya - Kolkata Doordarshan Kendra. (1996)
  • Performed in Bharat Natyam Dance Festival Rajya Sangeet Academy.(2000)
  • Performed in Koraput Parab Festival in Andhra Pradesh. (2000)
  • Performed in Puri beach festival and Konark dance festival in Orissa (2001)
  • Performed in All India Dance Festival held at Lucknow in Nov (2002)
  • Performed in Jalpaiguri at Bhawaya Festival. (2003)
  • Performed in Bharat Fesival at Guwahati (Assam) and Agartala (Tripura) (2003)
  • Performed in Mahalaya - Tara Bangla a renowned Bengali channel. (2004)
  • Performed in Dance and Music Festival of Mathabhanga in Kochbihar. (2005)
  • Performed in Dance festival which was held at Jhargram. (2005)
  • Performed in Khadi's Fair which was organized by West Bengal Government .(2005)
  • Performed in a Dance Festival organised by Padatik Dance Institution, which was held at Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata in March. (2005).
  • Performed in National Eminence Award Festival at Vishakapatnam in August (2005).
  • Performed in NCPA (National Center of Performing Arts) of Mumbai in November (2005).
  • Performed in several Festivals at Kerela in October (2006)

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  • Performed in Tanjor and Soorya festival at Madras (2008)
    1. Thalam Festival, Thrissur
    2. Kaladarpanam Festival, Cochin
    3. Mela Festival, Muattaphuza
    4. Swati Tirunal Sabha, Trivandrum
    5. Kerela Kalamandalam, Shornur
  • Performed in Tanjavur International dance festival at Tanjor in March (2008)
  • Performed in Nagapattinam & Tiruvallur Festival at Chennai in March (2008)
  • Performed in Kumbhakonam National Dance festival at Chennai in March (2008)
  • Performed in IIT Kharagpur, in a seminar for International highway and Road Engineering Section on July, (2010)
  • Performed in the Inaugural program of Felicitation to the renowned Scientist Dr. Madhaban organized by Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) at the prestigious Town Hall of West Bengal on (2010).
  • Performed at Kala Mandir, Kolkata in a Indian Classical Music and Dance festival organized by Indo Occidental Symbiosis (IOS) where I shared the stage with famous Odissi dancer, Ms. Sujata Mohapatra and Shri Deepak Maharaj famous Kathak dancer and son of Pandit Birju Maharaj on March (2011)
  • Performed in Indian Classical Dance Festival organized by Indo Occidental Symbiosis (IOS) on January 06th 2012 at Birla Shabhaghar.
  • Performed in Chidambaram Festival and Kapileswara Temple at Chennai on February 2012.
  • Participated in opening ceremony of choreography festival organized and invited by Impresario India, New Delhi, April 2012
  • Worked as the main choreographer for the Annual Prize Distribution ceremony of South Point High School at Netaji Indoor Stadium on 04h July 2012.
  • Performed Bharatnatyam in a cultural evening organized by Indian Council of Culture at ICCR, Kolkata on September 2012.
  • Performed in Dover Lane Music Conference Dance festival at Birla Sabhaghar on September. 2012
  • Performed at Rajbhawan, Darjeeling by invitation of the Governor of West Bengal on October 2012.
  • Performed in ICCR New Delhi in January 2013 at Azad Bhavan Delhi.
  • Inaugrated a dance and music programme organised by INDO BOSNIA AND HARZEGOVINA ASSOCIATION held on May 2013 in Kolkata.)
  • Performed in a seminar organized by SAIL, Ranchi on January 2013
  • Performed in a cultural evening organised by SAIL at Ranchi in June 2013.
  • Choreographed the dance programme For SOUTH POINT HIGH SCHOOL in their Diamond Jubilee on 4th July 2013 at Science City Auditorium.
  • Performed at UDAY SHANKAR DANCE FESTIVAL in the year 2007 and in 2013 December in Kolkata at Rabindra Sadan Auditorium.
  • Performed at ITC Sonar Bangla organized by Indian Chamber of Commerce on March 2014 the evening was graced by the honorable Governors of five states.
  • Performed at Delhi Doordarshan (CPC) for a recoding on a production, " Viveker Pathe" on behalf of Kalamandalam, Kolkata on November 2014
  • Performed and done workshop on Bharatanatyam for a leading dance institute at Guwahati, Assam on October 2014
  • Performed at Kolkata Doordarshan for a recording on two productions "Mahisasur Mardini" and "Shakti" on September2014

OVERSEAS Achievements

  • Performed in Mindil Festival at Darwin, Australia in June (2005).
  • Performed and in Vesak Festival at Singapore in May (2006)
  • Done Workshops on Bharat Natyam, Creative, Folk and Western in Bangkok and Singapore in (2006)
  • Performed in Nrityadhyana dance festival at Kuwait (2007)
  • Performed in Regional Language Center, Singapore an invitation of Tagore Society in May (2008)
  • Done Workshops in Dubai in (2007)
  • Performed and done a work shop in Dallas, Texas organized by BADFW on June, (2008)
  • Performed at Fredericton, Canada at Geeta Bhavan Show on July, (2008)
  • Performed at Halifax University, Canada on July, (2008)
  • Performed in Houston, USA on behalf of Tagore Society on July (2009).
  • Performed in Cologne, Bremen and Munich, Germany at Durga Puja Festival on September (2009).
  • Performed in Singapore in a show organized by Tagore Society on May (2010)
  • Performed during Durga Puja 2010 at USA in Dallas, Houston, New Jersey and Boston, New Hampshire.
  • Performed at Kansas State University, USA and gave a lecture demonstration on Indian Classical Dance on October 31, (2010).
  • Performed at all over Germany and UK during Durga Puja (2011)
  • Performed in Chidambaram Festival and Kapileswara Temple at Chennai on February 2012.
  • Performed in several multicultural festivals in Australia (Sydney, Canberra and New Castle) on February 2012.
  • Performed in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh by the invitation of Cultural Exchange of Bangladesh and Indian Govt
  • Performed in Indian High Commission, London, performed in a dance program at Wembley, London organized by Doctor's Association of Medical Aid, DAMA on November 2012
  • Performed in all over UK at various prestigious forums by the invitation of Indian Embassy, UK on September and October 2014
  • USA trip in October 2015
Bharatanatyam dance trainer in kolkata
Milestones of bharatanatyam dancer jhinook Mukherjee
  • Performed at Bishwa Banga Sammelan, (NABC) 2008 at Toronto on 5th July, (2008)
  • Perform at Bishwa Banga Sammelan, (NABC) 2009 at San Francisco, USA.
  • Outstanding Performer Award - Dover Lane Music Conference. (1999)
  • Performed and Assisted in chorography for the inaugural ceremony of NABC, 2014 at Orlando, Florida.